What is neural system?

Neural system is the totality of neural cells that is found into a known or unknown connection, in the brain.

We talk about neural cells often being limited of neurons, although the neurons are 20% from total human brain cells.

The circuit that is formed in human brain is responsible for the usual activity, controlling and monitoring the human life. Once the failure in the human body, even the auto defense mechanism is automatic activated, the neural system know about it. That is why sleep is considered as primary medicine when a health issue appears.

Brain activity is an electrical one; we can see that with a simple EEG (electroencephalography).  In order to brain cells communicate (create synapses) 2 cells are required and the neurotransmitters – substances that prepare and make possible that 2 brain cells interact and exchange information.

The role of the rest of 80% human brain is remaining unknown. I assume that the part of those cells is working to communicate in neural cloud.

My hypothesis is that one role of neural system is to interact with other neural systems, even more, to exchange information with other neural systems between, let’s call it “cloud”.  In this way we may have the revelation of something, we wake up with a solutions for a problem or we communicate with other person or have presentiments that something is happening or will be happening.

It will be just a matter of times until this mystery will help us to improve our lives and even more, save our lives.

The capacity of the brain to cure is amazing; we just do not know yet how to use it. There are old practices in medicine that gives awesome results but we just don’t understand them and this is why the scientific community did not recognize them. And for now, they are right.

What is absolutely weird is the way that human being react on this unknown but as they have a suspicion regarding a possible disease, they start to use medical devices that couple years ago looks like HDEV-rd.

The fact is that despite all the progress, the human being are enjoy now, due to the hard work of the people that remain unknown, the human remain a primitive form of life, incapable to appreciate the efforts in this new medical era, but happy to pay money for cutting edge technology when it comes about their health.

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